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Today I have a question for you all.

I had some plush for a while and am wondering if they're bootlegs. The link to pictures will be below because I don't know how to do cuts in the mobile app.



Link: http://imgur.com/a/HKPPQ

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Pokemon DP Summer Pikachu

Pokemon Center Pikachu Beanie

2001 Laying Down Pikachu (From Pokemon Center)

SinntoDex with starters and Pikachu (I mainly want the plush that comes with it)

10th Anniversary Pikachu

10th Anniversary Pikachu (Sitting on Pokeball, US)

10th Anniversary Pikachu Pokedoll

10th Anniversary Pikachu Holding Pokedoll

Re-Release Togepi Pokedoll

Pokedoll Shopper Keychains

BEAMS Shiny Pikachu

Osaka Mascot Pikachu Pokedoll

TY Beanie Baby Pikachu

DX Osaka Pikachu Pokedoll

Raichu Pokedoll (Minky)

Bidoof Pokedoll (Minky)

2003 Pikachu Pokedoll Figure

10 Anniversary Pikachu Pokedoll

Lego Pokedoll Figure Calander

Pikachu Pokedoll (Japanese and Minky; MWT)

These Pikachu Charms

Mini Pokedoll Pikachu (MIP Preferred)

2012 Eevee Collection Plush (I have the bootlegs of these; DO NOT NEED ENTIRE SET AT ONCE)

Sylveon Pokedoll (I have the bootleg)

Sylveon 2013 PC plush (I have the bootleg)

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Hello! I am new to LJ, so I am not very familiar here. I am a huge fan of Pokemon and have a decent sized collection. I won't go into too much detail into my collection, but I took some quick pictures of my collection below!
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That's all for now. I have more, but I'll save that for another post. See you next time!